Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Top Songs of 1991: #17: "Right Here, Right Now" by Jesus Jones

The number 17 Billboard hit of 1991 was the indie-dance track "Right Here, Right Now" by the
British band Jesus Jones. The songs is about the end of the Cold War and taking down the Berlin Wall.

Some pretty radical things WERE going on in 1991 and Jesus Jones captured a very catchy way.

I didn't even really know some of the things Mike Edwards (lead singer) was singing. For instance, it wasn't 'til I learned this song just now that I found out the second lyric of the song is: "Bob Dylan didn't have to sing about this, you know it feels good to be alive". There is something about this song (I guess it's casual insistence in the lyrics) that does actually make me feel very grateful and moved my present moments. So kudos to you, Jesus Jones! Mission Accomplished.

My favorite part is when Mike Edwards goes all falsetto...."i wanna beeEEEEEE!!". Total climax of the song.

I remember he had on this painters cap with bill up in the video. This small little fashion statement seemed to perfectly fit the time.

This song comes from their 1991 album, "Doubt". I had a cassette tape of this album.

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