Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top Songs of 1991: #13: "Someday" by Mariah Carey

The #13 Billboard hit of 1991 was "Someday" by Mariah Carey.

She co-wrote the song with Ben Margulies and it appeared on her original demo that Mariah finagled into the right person's hands at the right time. Once her demo got in the tentacles of Tommy Matola, the songs were changed a little bit, here and there. Wikipedia said that "Carey and Margulies were forced to accept the changes that were made because neither had been allowed to co-produce. Reportedly, Carey was unhappy with the final version of "Someday" produced, because both she and Margulies thought it had been too 'polished'. "

"Someday" was her first upbeat single--having already released "Vision of Love" and "Love Takes Time". This is definitely her "kiss-off" song: "no one you find will ever be/closer to all your dreams than me". I felt highly uncomfortable doing the "rap" portion of the song--so I just sang it. It actually seems like in the video Mariah herself seems a little uncomfortable rapping (she also does a little bit of the running man).

I had a good time watching the video for this song...classic. We see a young "Mariah" (i.e. child actor bearing some resemblance to Mariah), clad in overalls, getting treated badly at school. And then older Mariah is watching on, singing "I'm the one who's keeping score!" Don't we all wish we could have said that when we were 13??

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